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Cattleya’s IoT-based product platform provides next-gen solutions

nMonitTM, a cloud and software gateway application,

NISAEYE, an on-the-edge IOT Product platform

ANT, proprietary IoT firmware

nMonit Platform

To Achieve leadership in 6 core competency areas UX, Data, Business, Tech, Security and Compliance for IoT solution Components of Cloud Platform & Cloud App


Any device reporting telemetry Push or Pull. From IoT gateways, Wearables, Video-Audio Devices and even API's. Cattleya's strong experience in hardware allows us to also provide additional HW client tooling for our platform users making it easier to get their data on the cloud and manage devices.


At ingestion level any protocol can be received and sent, our current communication engine already has multiprotocol support, This platform build flavor allows it to be an independent entity for granular provisioning control. Video and Audio stream areas also part of this ingestion layer for both send and receive.


This platform layer is used to validate, prepare & organize/Queue Ingested data into various buckets & streams for onward processing. An integral part of the current communication engine, In platform flavor, allows key flexibility and easier mind map to go to market easier for Platform users.


The first backend business application logic is built-in here, Its where the deterministic rule engine resides. In the current form, all deterministic rules are combined with the Comm engine & its companion APIs. For Platform, It will be split with API interfaces for UI based configurator and appropriate interfaces to setup multi-instance and multi-stream rules.


Event-based communication to the final user application presentation layer resides here, the Event manager is an integral part of our current application. The IoT Analytics for Time series and Nontime series data as well as the VIdeo/Audio Analytics are provisioned here. Vertical specific functionality is available currently, needs to be built for platform along with bringing up /tear down functionality.


The presentation layer of the End-user App and the Application Builder used to build this app resides here. In this case, the nMonit is the app and the internal framework is the App builder. This will be converted to a UML style builder with the option to create own UI or use generic app UI with widgeted layers. The Platform manager app with Instance, Storage, Function manager, and provisioning is also controlled here.


User and API used to interact as well as publish/subscribe data for the app. Immense functionality and Application integration can take place here for tight integration with forward apps such as ERP and BI tools.


Platform tools- Helper Software for devices, Easy to set up ingestion methods, tweakable preset rule chains, vertical templates, Component wise provisioning manager as well as Security/Identity toolchains. Essential platform tools to make it manageable for the Platform adopters


Platform tools- Infra provisioning, Tiered storage management, Datastore Schemes for In-memory (Redis), Relational Db(Mysql/Mariadb), NoSQL(Cassandra) implementations.

Who is it For?

You are a System Integrator Build with Cattleya IoT OS. Offer better service to customers leveraging Cattleya's proven ready to deploy solutions.

You are a Gateway OEMFind the right use case for your awesome gateway, Deliver tightly integrated solutions, Expand your market with bundled offerings

You provide an X Solution Explore the possibility of IoT in your field, White label, and mix mode delivers related solutions, become a market leader.

You are a Sensor OEM Work with us to build custom up-to-the-user data chains. Explore wide opportunities to become an OEM of choice for specific applications.

You are a manpower/AMC service provider Find more value in your existing relationships, Upsell providing a more valuable service, bring down cost while increasing your bottom lines Expanding scopes building remote monitoring capability

You are a reseller/builder of software Become experts on the Cattleya IOS platform, build vertical-specific solutions to market. Resell or white label 


NisaEyeBox closed NisaEyeBox open

Hardware Stack - Specifications

MT7688 DDRII 128MB Flash 32MB
WI-FI 802.11 1 +1* 10/100Mbps GSM 3/4G (Dual Sim)
24 Digital inputs 4 Relay outputs 2 Analog input (RTD)
SPI I2C RS485*
12V DC Input EXT Battery


Data Acquisition

I/O, temperature, humidity, etc.

RS 232, RS485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.

Data Processing

Identify alarms.

Health of connected sensors

Data Transmission


Alarms data instantly

On demand

Alarm Monitoring

DI based alarms can be monitored in NO / NC mode.

Software alarms based on configured business rules.

Open de-bounce and close de-bounce.

Assets controlling

Control connected assets like Air conditioner, Generator, Light, Signage, etc. at site based on business rules or sensor inputs.

Automated and On demand Control

Automated Health Monitoring

Sensor health.

DVR health , HDD status, camera & recording status.


Data can be transmitted via 4G/ 3G / LAN / Wi-Fi .

Dual SIM functionality.

Support SDWAN for Normal sim cards to send data via VPN.

Equipment Interfacing

RS485 – ACEM , DCEM, BBMS, Fuel sensors etc.

DVR is interfaced with Ethernet.

Mobile phones via Wi-fi.


Time based configuration for alarms are available.

Configuration can be done locally and remotely

Device Diagnosis

Automated Self diagnostics reporting.

Scan & report using Mobile App.

Time Sync Feature

NTP server support

Sync DVR time to device time.

OTA Upgrade

Configurations can be upgraded / changed remotely

App Firmware can be upgraded using web / mobile app.

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