Distill AI

We stand by you during this pandemic


Does your business have people on premises in this pandemic?

We help business and offices resume work after the lockdown. Our COVID monitoring solutions will help you ensure Personal protective measures and Social distancing compliance.

We understand that it's important to get back to office after the lockdown, but your business matters and more so your stakeholders. Let us help you encourage compliance and protect your brand.

How does it work

Access to CCTV

We connect to your existing CCTV cameras via the internet to our cloud hosted surveillance system

Snapshots the optimal way

We map relevant cameras and take snapshots at defined intervals (ranging from multiple times an hour to few times a shift)

Snapshots are reviewed for

  1. Is anyone without their headgear

  2. Is anyone without their gloves

  3. Is anyone without their face masks

  4. Are people adhearing to social distancing

Report generated

Daily report with images sent to respective stakeholders

Daily report with overview of compliance levels to management

Mobile Application

Push to a mobile app with image of violation for on-premise staff leader

Daily, weekly issue count on demand

Push to app messages - Reward and recognition messaging in the overall orginazations multiple premise centers compliance performance.

No upfront Investment

Pure cloud service delivery. We use your existing cameras and internet. Minimal monthly pay as you go - scale up/down as you wish. Encourage Compliance, Assure your end customers.

Upscale basis real impact

Move to real time monitoring with dynamic snap shots.

Use AI driven monitoring system and analytics.

Move to full scale IOT with surveillance, safety assets and energy with the leader in IOT

Real People Real Support

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We understand the value of your time.
Reach out to us for any queries and rest assured our experts would get back to you promptly.