Cattleya Technosys is a product based, IOT Technology Company in the business of Electronics & Video Surveillance, Central Monitoring, Asset control, Analytics backed by Closed Loop Operations. Customers using Cattleya Products have signed multi-year managed services contracts for over 10000+ sites under e-Surveillance and Central Monitoring Services.

Cattleya‘s indigenously built platform, NISAEYE – a combination of hardware, firmware and analytics software, is the backbone for all industry specific solutions.

Cattleya is a group company of NISA Global, a 42+ years-old business, focusing on services around Security, Quick Response Teams, Remote Attendants, Operation and Maintenance, Cash movements, Skill Training, Risk Management and Loss Prevention for all its, 3000+ plus customers, 40000+ asset locations, 250 points of presence spread across business verticals.




Products, Solutions & Services with Business Impacts


  • BFSI
    • ATM, CDM, Branch
    • NBFC, Insurance
  • Telecom
    • Tower Sites
    • Customer Experience Centre
    • Data Center
  • Retail
    • Jewellery outlets
    • Food and Liquor Chains
    • Apparel & Multi Brand Retail
  • Commercial Real Estate
    • Multi tenancy Office Space, R&D Center
    • Warehouse, Factories


  • 24/7 Central Monitoring
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Video and Audio Interface
    • Uni Directional
    • Bi Directional
  • Energy Management
  • Asset Efficiency
  • Asset Accessibility & Control
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Apps for QRT
  • Quick Response Teams (QRT)
    • Incident Response
    • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
    • Remote Attendants (RA)


  • Cost Savings
    • Upfront
    • Year on Year (YoY)
  • End to End Managed Services
  • 24/7 Real Time Information
  • Enhanced Security
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Minimize Downtime Penalty
  • Energy Savings
  • Scalable Value Added Services
  • Customer Experience


Cornerstones of the Client Engagement Specific Services we offer


IOT at source Acquires accurate and real-time information that will aid the entire downstream processes of Managed Services covering Security, Energy, Asset, Facility, Operations and Maintenance; enabled by leveraging video, data, mobility and analytics.

This is amongst the most upcoming and accepted enterprise-wide implementations.


SIROC – Our 24/7 Centralized Monitoring System (CMS) and a Command & Control center for remote live monitoring of physical assets under management to trigger alerts, tickets, notifications and response aid.

These services are gaining significant prominence among large industries


Analytics layer sieves through the data received from every remote asset location. Meaning-full, actionable and business impacting representation are created to suite various interest groups with-in the business.

It opens up new means for interactive customer experience or enterprise decision management to trigger on-ground action.


USP of the company is its alliances with specialists who enables delivery of response management via Roaming patrol, Quick response teams, facility management, Operations and Maintenance at customer sites.

Client engagement specific actionables are triggered either pro-actively or reactively.


to be Safe